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What is RFID?

Retail and warehouse management bring unique challenges. RFID is one solution. It is an advanced technology system that can scan hundreds of objects a second using radio waves.

Benefits of RFID

Just how powerful is RFID? It has the potential to turbocharge your business. Implementing RFID saves time, increases accuracy and makes it easy to locate items.

RFID Services

Here at Tec-RFID, we have many years of experience helping businesses improve their efficiency, locating items and saving time, all through our RFID services.

RFID Asset Tracking Software

Our RFID asset tracking software doesn’t just save you time, it brings a game-changing level of accuracy, efficiency and real-time control to your inventory management.

RFID Asset Management

RFID Asset Management is a solid investment for any business that has a lot of valuable assets to track. With all your assets monitored, you can know exactly what equipment you have available in real-time

RFID Asset Management Software

Everyday tasks are made significantly easier with the TEC-RFID Asset Management app, from locating specific items to performing a stocktake. Obtaining a quick and easy overview of your assets is made easier.

Inventory Management

RFID inventory management gives you highly accurate, real-time information on your stock levels with a fraction of the stocktaking time.

RFID Applications

Explore the surge of RFID technology across various industries. Visit our app page for insights into key sectors adopting RFID.


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Stocktaking is made simple with the TEC-RFID Asset Management app, increasing not only the speed of your stocktake, but the accuracy too.

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