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Businesses are sometimes hesitant to implement RFID because it can be complicated and you have to find hardware and software from different companies and piece together a solution. Technical difficulties, such as a difficult environment or hard to tag assets can hamper the effectiveness of RFID. We solve that by being the one place where you can get everything you need for RFID: readers, antennas, tags, software and more. Our deep knowledge of RFID systems enables us to select specialised tags and the right readers for your situation, brought together with integrated or standalone software. 

At Tec-RFID, we are experts in helping businesses improve efficiency through RFID solutions. Our team has decades of experience working with large and small companies in retail, healthcare, manufacturing and logistics with barcoding, mobile and RFID applications. We are a UK owned and operated company and can cover the whole UK and Ireland. We offer no-obligation consultation and demos: you only pay if we can solve your problem. Contact our team to start implementing your RFID solution.

This 12-page guide explains how RFID works and how it can benefit your business. Request your copy today, completely FREE!