Are RFID Tags Anti-Theft?

RFID Tag Selection

Security measures are constantly evolving, with many businesses wondering the best ways to tackle theft and unauthorised access. Fortunately, there is a technology utilised in industries across the world that provides the means to protect stock and assets from theft. We are talking about RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags, and we are here to explain just how these devices are leading the way in theft prevention. 

What are RFID Tags? 

To put it in layman’s terms, RFID tags are small electronic devices that have a tiny chip and antenna that store and transmit data wirelessly using radio frequency waves.  

The stored information on the tags is read by RFID readers, making them ideal for automatic identification and tracking. RFID tags are extensively used in various applications, from retail inventory management to the tracking of equipment and even livestock. 

How RFID Tags Prevent Theft 

RFID technology offers preventative solutions for theft and can manage business’ assets in several ways. 

Asset Tracking 

One of the primary applications of RFID tags is in asset tracking. All manner of assets can be tracked, whether it’s expensive machinery, high-value retail items such as clothing and phone accessories, or critical data servers, RFID tags help keep real-time tracking on the whereabouts of these assets. Asset management and tracking makes it extremely difficult for misplacement, unauthorised removal and theft. 

Electronic Keys 

Gaining entry to your authorised areas can be done with RFID tags and technology, eliminating the need for traditional locks and keys. Thanks to innovative software, tags can be customised to grant or restrict access based on specific conditions, including the time of day, personnel level and even particular areas within a business facility. This enhanced level of security is especially useful at reducing the risk of internal theft and unauthorised entry. 

Enhanced Surveillance 

In retail stores, you will walk through predefined boundaries at the exits when you leave. These use RFID technology that triggers alarms if items haven’t been paid for or the tags haven’t been deactivated. This is extended to many different sectors, ensuring no products or assets can be taken without security and staff being made aware. 

Additional Benefits of RFID Tags 

Looking beyond just anti-theft solutions, RFID tags offer a range of other benefits that can improve operational efficiency for different businesses and industries. 

  • Inventory Management – You can streamline your inventory management and workflows by having quick and accurate counts of stock, helping to reduce labour costs related to manual inventory management. 
  • Data Accuracy – Especially useful in medical settings, you can minimise human error in data collection and ensure high accuracy in tracking and monitoring asset usage, its lifecycle and security. 
  • Scalability – RFID software can be easily expanded as an organisation changes or grows without significant additional costs. 

Tec-RFID Is Here with RFID Tags, Software, Hardware and More 

RFID tags are the ideal technology for businesses to enhance their asset security and provide anti-theft measures. At Tec-RFID, we have been setting businesses up with the right anti-theft technology for many years, providing tailored solutions for each client with highly flexible software that adapts alongside the business. 

Our RFID tags come in varying options to suit particular needs, from general printed labels to advanced and speciality tags. Whatever you require our RFID tags and services for, our team has the expertise to pair the right ones with your business, from improving inventory management processes and access points to asset tracking and anti-theft security. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help. 

Are RFID Tags Anti-Theft?
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