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Real-time Data

Taking inventory of your assets is time-consuming and can lead to costly inaccuracies. That is where RFID Asset Management comes in. Our asset tracking RFID tags and readers can keep you informed as to what equipment you have available in real-time. You can track not only the location of an asset but also the condition, allowing you see when the item was last inspected and when it is due to be replaced.

The asset tracking system also records the movement of assets, providing alerts when equipment leaves its designated area. Surprisingly, people can also be tagged with RFID bracelets, which can be vital when moving heavy equipment, improving safety by ensuring each worker is out of the way.

RFID Asset Management is a solid investment for any business that has a lot of valuable assets to track.

Benefits of a RFID Asset Tracking System

Gain Real-time visibility of your assets

Save time over manual inventory

Locate items with Zebra motionworks RTLS

Track the movement of items

Improve maintenance and safety

improve compliance

Case Studies

RFID Asset Management has been road tested in real businesses and it has produced amazing results. Below are two case studies that show how RFID asset management has benefited two different businesses. The next could be yours!

US Govt. Agency

items tracked
0 %
inventory accuracy
0 %
reduction in stocktaking time
months to ROI

Technology Company

Decreased Inventory Time


0 weeks
with 2 people stocktaking


0 hours
with 2 people stocktaking

Increased Inventory Accuracy






Asset tracking solutions follow and record the movements of physical assets, by installing barcodes or tags that use GPS or RFID to broadcast their location, helping organisations monitor their location, status and availability.

Asset tracking is crucial for businesses as it prevents loss, reduces operational costs and enhances productivity by ensuring equipment is both available and functioning. It facilitates accurate inventory management, improves asset utilisation and supports compliance with auditing and maintenance requirements. Read our further information on the benefits of RFID asset tracking software.

RFID asset tracking systems work by attaching a tag to your assets which send signals to RFID readers. Once the reader captures the data from a tag, it sends it through a network to a central database where it is integrated with asset management software to provide real-time information.

The best way to setup a system ideally integrated for your business is to get in touch with the experts at TEC-RFID, who can advise and guide you on the system that will provide you with the data you need when you need it.

This 12-page guide explains how RFID works and how it can benefit your business. Request your copy today, completely FREE!

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