Fixed Readers

Zebra is an industry-leading manufacturer of RFID technology and has more systems installed than any other supplier. They provide simple and complete RFID solutions. You can get everything you need from one place, and it’s all tightly integrated. Choose from the largest range of RFID printers, handheld readers, fixed readers, antennas and tags. Zebra is committed to provide the latest in RFID technology, with 300 RFID technology patents. They offer a wide range of fixed RFID readers and antennas. These readers are ideal for portal style RFID systems to track the movement of stock or assets.

Fixed RFID Readers

Zebra FX7500 Reader

Zebra FX7500

Zebra FX9600 Reader

Zebra FX9600 RFID Reader

Zebra AN440 Antenna

IP Ratings


  1. large surfaces
  2. fingers or similar
  3. tools, thick wires
  4. most wires, screws
  5. partial dust ingress
  6. no dust ingress


  1. dripping water
  2. dripping tilted at 15°
  3. spray at up to 60°
  4. splashing water
  5. 6.3 mm water jets
  6. 12.5 mm water jets
  7. immersion up to 1 m
  8. immersion beyond 1 m

IP Ratings



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Now that you’ve seen what fixed RFID readers from Zebra are available, take a look at our RFID printers.

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