Handheld Readers

About Handheld RFID Readers

Handheld readers offer great flexibility, mobility and cost effectiveness when implementing RFID. When choosing a handheld RFID reader, it is important to consider the read range, ruggedness, operating system and whether to get an integrated RFID or sled style reader.

Integrated RFID readers, such as the Zebra MC3330R and the MC3390R have the RFID reader and Android mobile computer integrated into one device. This is ideal for warehousing and industrial applications because they offer a more rugged form factor and are more efficient to use.

Sled style handheld RFID readers connect with mobile devices, such as a tablet, smartphone or handheld mobile computer. The Zebra RFD8500 is a very affordable and versatile RFID sled that can integrate with mobile devices running Android or iOS. 

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Featured Products

Zebra MC3330R Reader

Zebra MC3330R

Zebra MC3390R Reader

Zebra MC3390R

Zebra RFD8500 Sled

Zebra RFD8500

IP Ratings Guide


  1. large surfaces
  2. fingers or similar
  3. tools, thick wires
  4. most wires, screws
  5. partial dust ingress
  6. no dust ingress


  1. dripping water
  2. dripping tilted at 15°
  3. spray at up to 60°
  4. splashing water
  5. 6.3 mm water jets
  6. 12.5 mm water jets
  7. immersion up to 1 m
  8. immersion beyond 1 m

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