Zebra Ultra-Rugged UHF RFID Sled

Introducing the Zebra RFD90 Ultra-Rugged UHF RFID Sled

In industries like Manufacturing and warehousing , having reliable, durable equipment is absolutely crucial. Oftentimes, however, having durable technology will come at the expense of high-powered technology and comfort. The Zebra RFD90 eliminates these issues, with its comfortable, ultra-rugged, and powerful design. The RFD90 is an enhancement of the RFD40 sled, offering more powerful specifications, and much greater durability. It is available in two models, the RFD9030 and the RFD9090. The RFD9030 has a read range of around 6.7m and the RFD9090 has a read range of around 22.8m, thanks to its linear polarised antenna.

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Ultra-Rugged Design

The RFD90 has an ultra-rugged design, making it an ideal solution for those working in the harshest conditions. The RFD90 models are built with industrial-grade IP65/IP67 sealing, meaning they are highly resistant to both liquids and dust from causing any damage to the sled.

The RFD90 is able to still work after being dropped from up to 1.8 metres onto concrete, and has full functionality between -20C and 55C, making it ideal for tough industries like manufacturing. 

Built For Workers

The RFD90 UHF RFID SLED has been designed with workers in mind, having several features to ensure the RFD90 is comfortable and allows for maximum efficiency. The RFD90 has been designed with a tri-function trigger, the top trigger will activate the barcode scanner, the bottom trigger activates the RFID scanner, and pressing both triggers at once will perform a user-programmable function. The tri-function trigger means you can access the scanner you need, when you need it, without the need to swap scanners.

The RFD90 has a 7000mAh battery so is able to last for long shifts, and the battery is accessible without removing the mobile computer in the sled should the battery need to be changed quickly. The RFD90 has a balanced, ergonomic design for enhanced comfort, making it an ideal solution for workers doing long shifts. 

Zebra RFD9030 UHF RFID Sled

Easy Remote Management

The RFD90 also benefits from having several options for its remote management. It has WiFi 6 connectivity, meaning that it can be managed remotely while connected to deploy firmware updates or push configuration updates for new feature support. The RFD90 supports 123RFID, which can be used to remotely configure sleds via a communication cradle, which use either single-slot USB or multi-slot ethernet.

123RFID is available on both desktop and mobile for Windows PCs and Zebra mobile computers respectively. 

Adaptable Connectivity Options

The RFD90 can be used with either Zebra mobile computers, or third-party mobile computers when using an eConnex adapter, meaning no matter how much you need to change or upgrade your mobile computers, the sled will still be suitable. The sled has a number of wireless connectivity options. The sled has WiFi 6 functionality and Bluetooth 5.3, which is easy to pair with either NFC tap-to-pair, pair-by-camera, or scan-to-connect. 

Industry-Leading Solutions

The RFD90 is the first sled with specs as advanced as this, and so it is no surprise that the RFD90 is capable of scanning over 1300 RFID tags per second. The RFD90 also features an ultra-accurate item finder mode, so you can ensure your most precious assets and inventory are kept safe. The RFD90 has over 115 regulatory certifications, so no matter your industry you can be sure that the RFD90 is suitable for your business. 

The RFD9030 and RFD9090 are rugged, but powerful solutions for many industries, so contact our team today to request a demo unit and pricing.

Introducing the Zebra RFD90 Ultra-Rugged UHF RFID Sled
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