Inventory Management

Get Real-Time Inventory Visibility

In the era of omnichannel fulfillment, it’s never been more important to have accurate and up to date inventory information. Without up-to-date information, warehouses end up with two much stock in some items and not enough in another. Small errors quickly become bigger problems. Picking errors result in sending the wrong products and potentially costly chargeback penalties. Stocktaking with paper or barcoding is a time-consuming task that is frequently inaccurate. 

Using RFID to manage inventory means fast and accurate stocktaking. You can use this information to reduce out of stocks, meaning more sales down the supply chain and also reduced costs from carrying too much inventory. According to an Auburn University study, 69% of orders contain an errors from somewhere in the supply chain and found that checking the orders with RFID increased accuracy to 99%. Not only is RFID stocktaking extremely accurate, it also takes a fraction of the time.

RFID inventory management is a worthwhile investment for brands to get up-to-date knowledge of their inventory and fulfill orders accurately, which ultimately means more sales and profit.

Benefits of RFID Inventory Management

Reduce warehouse labour costs

Reduce cycle count time

Increase inventory accuracy to 95% or more

Reduce picking errors and chargeback costs

Reduce inventory carrying costs

Reduce out of stocks

Case Studies

Major retailers have found big benefits from implementing RFID throughout their supply chain. Learn more about how it has benefited them and how it can help your business as well.


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reduction in cycle count time
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increased inventory accuracy
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reduction in understocks
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reduction in overstocks


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surge in sales volume
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fewer display shortages

Increased Inventory Accuracy


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