RFID Label Printers

Printing and encoding tags is a crucial part of the RFID process. Your RFID solution is only as good as its data. By custom printing and encoding tags, you ensure the tags have a unique code and can store data such as maintenance history on some specialised tags. While it is possible to get tags pre-printed and encoded on purchase, some situations call for onsite printing, such as inventory management, where new items are frequently tagged. This is where an RFID printer is needed.

Our range of Zebra printers ensures you have the right printer for your situation, whether that’s Industrial printing and tagging, a smaller but effective desktop printer or a mobile RFID printer. Zebra is a leader in RFID technology, not just printers, but also readers and labels. Scroll down to view our range of featured RFID printers or click the link below to view our full range of Zebra printers at our online store. 

Zebra ZT600 Series

Zebra ZT610

Zebra ZT400 Series

Zebra ZT400 Series

Zebra ZQ520 Mobile Printer

Zebra ZQ520

IP Ratings


  1. large surfaces
  2. fingers or similar
  3. tools, thick wires
  4. most wires, screws
  5. partial dust ingress
  6. no dust ingress


  1. dripping water
  2. dripping tilted at 15°
  3. spray at up to 60°
  4. splashing water
  5. 6.3 mm water jets
  6. 12.5 mm water jets
  7. immersion up to 1 m
  8. immersion beyond 1 m

This 12-page guide explains how RFID works and how it can benefit your business. Request your copy today, completely FREE!