Handheld RFID Readers

Improve Efficiency in the Workplace with an RFID Reader

RFID readers are a superb option and a highly convenient, cost-effective solution for reading RFID tags, while on the move or in scenarios where the reader’s mobility is crucial. The handheld RFID readers are equipped with integrated antennas and usually feature a display, making it easy to operate and interact with the data in real-time. Some handheld RFID readers, called sleds, connect to an Android or iOS device via Bluetooth to read tags, which further helps to reduce the cost.

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Why is an RFID reader important?

RFID readers are crucial to the commercial and industrial sectors, for tracking assets and managing inventories. RFID systems offer a quicker and more reliable way for you to track assets, without having to count each item. With RFID systems, however, you can instantly see how many items you have their location, and what stage they are at in the process.

How accurate is an RFID reader?

The accuracy of an RFID reader depends on three factors the RFID Technology, frequency of the reader, and the tag being used. As well as the distance between the tags and the reader, is there are any physical obstructions in the way. However, generally, the RFID reader technology produces highly accurate data in tracking and tagged objects.

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