Asset Management App

A Complete RFID Asset Management Solution

All businesses have equipment and assets that are critical for employees to carry out their jobs, and keeping track of these assets will save money and time. With the TEC-RFID Asset Management app, everyday tasks are made significantly easier. Finding specific items, doing a stocktake, and getting an overview of what assets you have is made simpler and faster. The TEC-RFID App has settings that allow for the app to be customised to precisely suit the needs of your business, no matter the size or industry.

stocktaking made simpler

Stocktaking is made simple with the TEC-RFID app, increasing not only the speed of your stocktake, but the accuracy too.

customise to suit you

The TEC-RFID app lets you add as many (or as few) users and locations as you need to suit your business requirements.

Locate specific items

No matter the size or shape of the asset, the TEC-RFID asset app's 'Find Assets' function allows you to locate exactly what you need.

Overview of your assets

The 'View Assets' function allows you to get a quick overview of the details, status and location of your assets.

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