Which RFID tag is best for us? What type of RFID printer is best for us? How will the RFID tags integrate with my existing software? If you are not sure where to begin with RFID, let us help you.

Here at Tec-RFID, we have many years of experience helping businesses improve their efficiency, locating items and saving time, all through our RFID services.

Implementing RFID services has been proven to be extremely successful in managing supply chains but, RFID services can be tricky. To help your business get the most out of an RFID project, we have created a variety of consultancy services, which are bespoke for your business: introducing our TEC-RFID workshops are training solutions.

All of your questions will be addressed throughout all of our services, and it is best practice to effectively plan your RFID projects at the beginning. We can design and complete your RFID installation for your business, which includes the correct hardware, software, tags and network for your products and business.

Why Choose RFID Services?

Improve accuracy and reliability

Avoid common rfid mistakes

ensure process improvement and roi

Stage 1: RFID Discovery Workshop

During our detailed On-Site Discovery Workshop sessions, our consultants will collaborate with you to better understand your business’ technical requirements. There are many factors involved when deploying an effective RFID project and gaining a real Return on Investment. We will work with you to create an ROI for your RFID project.

There are many factors when determining the success of your RFID project to ensure that it must be carefully planned. All types of questions will be raised and addressed during this workshop, ensuring that you achieve the right accuracy levels and the best tracking for your business.

Stage 2: RFID Assessment & Design

Our RFID Assessment and Design services include a number of onsite days testing tags, readers, asset tracking software and handhelds. A report will then be created, which will provide all the details and the tests undertaken, to decide which RFID tag, Antenna and Fixed RFID reader is right for your business. As well as, a demo using the asset tracking software to see how it can improve your business. 

A detailed, comprehensive plan is created based on real statistics from testing and trialling your exact products. Use our assessment and design services to plan your business’s most successful RFID project. This is designed specifically for your business needs.

RFID Services

Stage 3: Onsite RFID Installation Services

Our engineers will work with you to provide onsite RFID installation and configure the RFID fixed-position readers. We will configure as per the agreed configuration in the approved design document to successfully implement your RFID projects.

Stage 4: RFID Go-Live and Training

From the day your RFID project goes live, we can provide all the technical expertise required to achieve peak efficiency. We can provide training for your staff and ongoing support to make sure the RFID project achieves the correct Return of Investment your business requires.


Stocktaking is made simple with the TEC-RFID Asset Management app, increasing not only the speed of your stocktake, but the accuracy too.

Asset management app
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