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Efficient Inventory Management with RFID Labels and Tags

One of the most important parts of building a radio frequency identification (RFID) system is
choosing the right tags, as different items require different levels of tag durability. For example,
liquid-filled containers and metal items can negatively impact RFID read accuracy without the right
tag as they can interfere and block the signals from them. At TEC-RFID, we supply a full range of RFID
labels, all from world-class RFID tag suppliers such as Zebra, Confidex and Omni-ID.

Get the Right RFID Tag

With all the permutations available for RFID stickers, it can be difficult to narrow down your
selection to the RFID labels that will best work for your system, stock and sector. That’s why we put
together a short, easy questionnaire to help narrow down your search to the perfect solution. Fill in
our form at the link below and get personalised RFID tag recommendations straight to your inbox.

General Labels

RFID Labels

Advanced Tags and Labels

Advanced RFID Labels

Specialty Tags and Labels

Specialty hard tags and labels

What's next?

Now that you’ve seen what RFID tags and labels from Zebra are available, see what software we have available.

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RFID Labels | Frequently Asked Questions

RFID tags part of a tracking system, as they store data, which can be accessed using radio frequency waves to search, track, communicate and identify assets and people. In simple terms, RFID tag labels can store a small amount of unique data that can act as an identifier for each asset, and an antenna to broadcast this information to an RFID reader on your premises.

RFID tags can be attached to an object and used to track tools, equipment, assets, inventory, people, and other objects.

An RFID tag can also be known as a transponder.

Passive RFID can show location to within a ‘zone’, such as a room, based on which RFID antenna detected the tag. Active RFID tags can be used to calculate the location of the assets within an accuracy of less than a metre.

Passive RFID consist of a microchip, which stores the data, and an antenna, that is used to transmit its data when energised by an RFID reader. The chip is responsible for storing the data, whereas the antennas are used to pick up the signals and transmit the information back to the reader. 

A wide range of industries use RFID, with retail, healthcare, manufacturing and logistics using RFID tags for inventory management and asset management.

Some RFID tags are labels, made from paper, polypropylene or PET. Some tags are made from hard plastic and are more robust, but more costly.

General labels are commonly used in warehouse operations. Advanced tags and labels are used in the retail, healthcare, and manufacturing sectors and speciality tags and labels are used more in the industrial sector, due to their metal surfaces and the fact that they can withstand higher temperatures.

RFID has multiple features, with the ability to scan hundreds of tags at once and not needing line of sight to read tags. For example, you can scan a box full of clothes without having to open it.

RFID labels and tags can be reused by re-assigning the tag’s ID to a new asset with software, or by re-writing the data on the tag to match a new asset.


Stocktaking is made simple with the TEC-RFID Asset Management app, increasing not only the speed of your stocktake, but the accuracy too.

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