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We are trusted sellers and experts in helping businesses improve efficiency through RFID solutions. Our team have decades of experience working with large and small companies in retail, healthcare, manufacturing and logistics with barcoding, mobile and RFID applications.

We are a UK-owned and operated company and can cover the whole UK and Ireland. We offer no-obligation consultation and demos: you only pay if we can solve your problem. Contact our team to start implementing your RFID solution.

What is RFID?

An RFID is a device which transmits a radio signal with an integrated or external antenna. RFID, which stands for Radio Frequency Identification, is a technology system that can identify an object using radio waves. They work as the tags located on each object receive the signal and transmit the data they contain back to the reader. Compared to barcode systems, RFID enables significantly higher speed, accuracy, and data availability.

It was first used during WWII to identify planes as friend or foe and now it is being used to improve efficiency in warehouses around the world.

What We Offer

Handheld RFID Readers – We provide a range of Handheld RFID readers, which are ideal for cost-effective and flexible RFID reading solutions. Our range of readers are great for many sectors like healthcare, retail, manufacturing and more.

Fixed RFID Readers – Fixed RFID readers are a great solution for automated inventory and asset management applications. They are ideal to create an RFID gate or portal system.

RFID Printers – Our range of Zebra printers ensures you have the right printer for your situation, whether that’s industrial printing and tagging, a smaller but effective desktop printer or a mobile RFID printer. 

RFID Tags – One of the most important parts of building an RFID system is choosing the right tags. We supply a full range of RFID tags, ranging from simple RFID labels for cardboard boxes starting at £0.10 per label to 6mm x 6mm heat-resistant hard tags, to large hard tags designed for a long-read range on shipping containers. 

RFID Software and Demos – No RFID system is complete without the right software to take your data and use it to provide actionable insights for your business. We have android RFID asset management software available through our partner, which makes it fast, easy, and affordable to start using RFID right away. 

Types of RFID

Low Frequency 30 – 300 kHz – Our low frequency range, has a read range of contact to 10 cm and is used for access fobs, tracking animals, and applications with liquids and metals.

High Frequency 13.56 MHZ – Has a read range of contact to 30 cm and is used mostly for consumer purposes such as ID cards, library books and NFC technology found in phones.

Ultra-High Frequency 30 – 300 MHZ – Warehouses always use Ultra High Frequency (UHF) RFID for inventory and asset management. It has a much longer read range, which can extend to up to 150 m.

Warehouse Worker Using RFID Technology

The Benefits of RFID

Saves Time – Using an RFID reader or scanner helps to save time. However, RFID technology is not cheap, but it is 100% effective. A study that took place in 2018, revealed an RFID trial from 10 major retailers had a combined yearly sale of €94 billion and use at least 1.87 billion tags per year. This report was introduced by Professor Adrian Beck of the University of Leicester.

Labour Savings – According to Inbound Logistics, labour accounts for 65% of most warehouses’ operating budgets. Labour savings from RFID can quickly pay for the setup cost. The study from GS1 found that one company had savings equivalent to 4% of store staffing costs.

Lightning-Fast Stocktaking – The reason for staff savings is the dramatic improvement in ultra-fast read rates. According to software company Cybra, RFID improves read rates from 200 items per hour on barcode systems to up to 12,000 items per hour.

Inventory Accuracy – The study by Professor Adrian Beck discovered that RFID Scanners and readers dramatically improved inventory accuracy. For one company with 1.5 billion products, they found only 20 errors with their new RFID tags.

Locate Items – Modern warehouses often occupy hundreds of thousands of square feet and contain thousands or millions of items in stock. Finding the right shipment at the right time can be extremely difficult. Attaching RFID tags to assets, pallets or products enables you to use a Real Time Location System (RTLS) to find any product or asset quickly and easily.


Stocktaking is made simple with the TEC-RFID Asset Management app, increasing not only the speed of your stocktake, but the accuracy too.

Asset management app
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