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What is the Best RFID tag for Tagging and Tracking Physical IT Assets?

Barcode tracking of IT equipment can generate a 10:1 return; however, RFID tacking can generate up to a 30:1 return, when tracking IT assets over a manual process.

Using RFID tags for tracking IT equipment can save a considerable amount of time, improve accuracy, and improve security.

There are many different RFID tags available for asset tracking of IT equipment. The performance and success of an RFID tag is based on a number of factors, including:

  • What material is the RFID tag being placed on? (i.e., Metal/Plastic/Liquid filled)
  • What size tag do you need? Tags come in all shapes and sizes.
  • What device do you want to use to read the tags?
Steelwave Micro

RFID can be used to quickly allocate and manage IT equipment for quick visibility. It can also be used to tag servers in a rack to identify the correct server and location.

At TEC-RFID, we would recommend the Steelwave family of tags for tracking on metal IT Equipment. Due to a very small footprint, Steelwave Micro II offers a great option for tracking IT assets and other office equipment. Unique RFID antenna design with global 5m on metal read range ensures reliable and efficient inventory. The Steelwave Micro II comes with an adhesive by default but also offers flexible attachment with holes in the structure that enable deployment with cable ties.

Order some Steelwave sample tags at the link below.

What is the Best RFID tag for Tagging and Tracking Physical IT Assets?
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