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Taking Advantage of RFID in Construction

Warehouse management brings unique challenges. Stocktaking is a painstaking and inaccurate process that involves countless hours of manually scanning barcodes. In a warehouse with millions of items, locating a specific product can be a logistical nightmare. The sheer quantity of items that go through a warehouse daily make it easy for goods to be lost, which cuts into profits.

What if there was a way to solve all these problems? What if you could cut your stocktaking time from days to minutes while improving accuracy? What if you could easily locate any item in your warehouse, even among millions? What if you could almost eliminate lost items? How much would the time and money savings be worth to you?

Taking Advantage of RFID in Construction

Using RFID readers and tags together can also lead to better workforce management, being able to track the identities of all construction workers which results in a more secure and safer working environment. Our asset management software at TEC-RFID, when combined with the right tags and readers, will initiate better management of all building equipment, materials and supplies. RFID Tracking will also lead to better project management and an automated yet efficient method of tracking quantities of supplies and equipment.

By tracking tools and equipment with RFID asset management, you can reduce lost tools, verify that the correct tools are loaded before starting a job and leaving site, and manage maintenance and inspection requirements. With RFID, construction will no longer have to stop because you ran out of materials or didn’t have the right tools available. Take advantage of the benefits that RFID can provide the construction sector.

RFID Devices Suited For This Sector

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