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RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology is a well-established technology that is becoming more prominent in the university and education sector thanks to the many different benefits it can offer students, staff members, and the institutions as a whole.

RFID technology transfers and receives data between an RFID reader and hundreds of tags per secod without needing line of sight Radio waves operating at different frequencies offer advantages for various applications for universities.

RFID technology mostly operates at three frequency ranges:

Low Frequency:

This is the shortest reader range operating at 30-300 kHz. Works well with access control, key or card fobs, with a read range of contact to 10cm.

High Frequency:

With a read range of contact to 30cm, high-frequency RFID operates at a typical 13.55 MHz or between 30-300 MHz and is used in applications such as contactless cards, Near Field Communication (NFC) technology and is utilised in smartphones.

Ultra-High Frequency (UHF):

UHF RFID has read ranges of up to 15m with some able to scan tags from an even greater distance. It is widely utilised in warehousing and logistic operations and is beneficial for universities for stock management and tracking.

TEC-RFID has all the information on how RFID works.

For universities and areas of higher education, many have RFID systems in place to help control student-only areas, such as on-site accommodation, as well as monitor attendance to lectures and other university events. Safety is paramount within the education sector. RFID technology for universities is the ideal solution for keeping students safe with other added benefits.

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RFID Applications in Universities

Campus Access Control:

Students and faculty can access areas of campus using RFID, with tags being programmed to allow access to certain individuals or groups of people: Lecture Halls, Classrooms, Public Facilities, Staff Rooms, Lockers, Gyms, Parking Facilities, and Cafeterias. RFID enables campuses to enhance their security by monitoring and controlling entry points.

Attendance Tracking

Gone are the days of staff and students signing a book to mark their attendance. Our RFID solutions are ideal for streamlined and paperless attendance tracking. This helps to increase productivity by monitoring who is attending the premises and can be integrated into payroll and other systems. It also improves security as it will monitor any unknown personnel and visitors.

Library Management

What good is a reputable university without a library? RFID-enabled library systems are ideal for efficient check-in and check-out inventory management. This makes the whole library experience for students and staff members better and speeds stock checks and management up exponentially rather than doing these tasks by hand.

Asset Tracking

RFID is widely utilised as an effective asset-tracking solution with people easily managing university assets, such as equipment, computers and laboratory tools. Universities of all sizes can streamline their inventory process and reduce losses and human error.

RFID Applications in Universities

Universities across the UK have already implemented this ground-breaking RFID technology and have noticed the benefits.

TEC-RFID provides the top solutions for universities to streamline inventory processes, enhance security and track personnel, as well as improve the overall university experience for both students and staff.

For tailored RFID technology for universities, Reach out to our Expert Team to recommend the best Readers, Tags and a wide Range of Products for your applications.


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