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RFID Events Technology Overview

RFID technology is found in a wide range of sectors and industries. RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification and uses radio frequencies to transfer data between an RFID tag and reader. All this is done without any physical contact, making it ideal for contactless payments, entry for office buildings, microchipping animals and RFID for event access management.

There are three different types of RFID technology:

Low Frequency: With frequencies ranging from 30-300 kHz, RFID readers have a read range of contact to 10cm and are widely used for tracking animals and access fobs.

High Frequency: At frequencies of 13.55 MHZ, readers with a read range of contact to 30cm are used mainly for consumer purposes.

Ultra-High Frequency: Mainly utilised in logistics, warehousing and asset management, using a frequency between 30-300 MHZ, passive readers will operate at ranges of 20m and active ones of up to 300m.

RFID technology and Events

Taking Advantage of RFID Event Technology

Predominantly used in major music festivals across the country, RFID technology is now becoming synonymous with all types of events and festivals. An RFID system offers both organisers and attendees a better overall experience.  

Utilising fixed RFID readers – like the Zebra Fx9600 Fixed Reader – at entry gates will help speed up the entry of attendees, all through the use of RFID tags embedded into wristbands or tickets. Scanning the Unique tags takes seconds and will reduce lines, improve guest satisfaction and even reduce the costs of security and training staff to use the relevant scanning equipment.  

Our RFID tags also create other opportunities for sponsor engagement on-site. By simply tapping their wristbands or tickets, guests can receive perks and other creative sponsor activations that build engagement, all while allowing sponsors and organisers to gather real-time insights from attendees. 

Implementing RFID technology for events can ultimately lead to better access control by preventing ticket fraud and unauthorised access. Each RFID tag features a distinct identifier that cannot be replicated and will reduce the strain on budgets and increase profit margins in the long run for event organisers.  

For companies setting up events, tracking equipment can be a challenge. With RFID asset tracking software, staff can quickly verify that all necessary tools, AV equipment and stand pieces are present before setting off for an event and before leaving one. This streamlines the management of assets and reduces losses and staff time spent looking for items.  

Applications of RFID in Events 

Access Control and Security 

Cashless Payments 

Attendee Engagement 

Inventory and Asset Management 

Data Analytics and Insights 

Our RFID Devices Bespoke for this Sector

RFID in the Events Sector

The Benefits of Using RFID Technology in Events

The Benefits of Using RFID Technology in Events RFID, or radio-frequency identification is a new technology that allows for people and objects to be identified …

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Our RFID Devices Bespoke for this Sector

Events like festivals and concerts are utilising RFID technology on a broader scale thanks to the benefits it offers.  

Benefits for Organisers 

Increased spend per head, quicker transaction times, shorter wait times and preloaded funds can all help to boost profitability. 

Insights from real-time data that can be applied to increase revenue. 

Lower operating costs with better access control, zone management and no cash handling. 

Boost Safety on the job site. 

Theft and fraud are eliminated. 

Make the most of sponsorship possibilities.  

Event organisers can use RFID wristbands and fixed readers for greater crowd control and capacity and access to certain restricted areas. This enhances security and keeps organisers, acts and attendees safer.  

Benefits for guests 

Shorter lines, moving more quickly. 

Increased security and safety because carrying cash is not necessary. 

Improving the VIP experience.  

With the wristbands, guests can transfer funds onto them and pay for drinks, food and other commodities with a flick of the wrist. They act as a digital wallet that funds can be added to.  

RFID Wristbands and Bracelets

Wristbands and bracelets are some of the most contemporary RFID technology for events out there. RFID bracelets store and transmit data to an RFID reader via a ‘smart tag’. These tags are usually connected to wristbands or bracelets at festivals, but there are numerous more ways to store them. RFID tags can be implanted into name badges, membership cards, keychains and more. 

While RFID bracelets enable cashless payments, they can do so much more. RFID bracelets can hold other useful information to improve guest and employee safety. 

In addition to payment, an RFID wristband can contain emergency contact information, medical information and access to restricted locations. A steward can acquire the necessary information with one tap if an attendee is lost or needs emergency assistance. 

RFID vs. Contactless Cards

Contactless cards are common, easy to use and decrease terminal, cash and vendor contact. While this is an advantage, RFID cashless payments offer certain benefits over contactless cards. 

RFID is 100% offline, thus no internet connection is needed. Music events, which draw thousands of people to greenfield venues, have adopted cashless RFID for this reason. Contactless cards require reliable internet. This can be a serious concern on these sites and crowded spaces. Mobile WIFI investment is necessary for internet stability, and not an ideal solution for large events. 

With RFID wristbands there are many opportunities to maximise revenue. On average, people spend 22% more when using this type of RFID technology for events, enabling you to breakage revenue and see an increase in pre-event top-ups and sponsorship revenue.  

Additionally, banks receive all contactless card purchase data. Closed loop systems like cashless RFID provide data straight to you, opening up more opportunities.  

Discover more how RFID technology can lead to a better experience for your events. 


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