RFID in the Events Sector

The Benefits of Using RFID Technology in Events

RFID, or radio-frequency identification is a new technology that allows for people and objects to be identified via tags attached externally or internally. Nowadays, the benefits of RFID devices for events go far and wide for planners and attendees.

Attendees now can choose to link their social media profiles, emails or phone number and wallets to their RFID wristbands or badges, allowing for quicker entry and shorter queues. We have created this guide to help you on your journey towards implementing RFID technology for all your events and venues.

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Cashless Payment

Many events nowadays, like festivals, prefer customers not to bring any cash because this can increase the likeliness of theft.

The use of radio frequency identification (RFID) has revolutionised the way we do business. With this innovative technology, cash can be completely removed from your event or venue and replaced with credit cards that guests already carry around in their wallets. Guests will simply need to add their payment information to an RFID tag before the event and this will make it easier to purchase an item. This will then be activated by an RFID tag, making the vent more organised and hassle-free.

Gets Customers in Quickly

Waiting in line is arguably one of the most tedious things to do, especially when you’re waiting to enter the venue of your favourite artist. This is where RFID comes in. Switching to RFID devices, allows the event to speed up the entrance of the attendees. The SnowGlobe Music Festival was able to process more than 20 people per minute at each gate using RFID tools. That’s upwards of 1,200 individuals an hour.

RFID technology is a great way to improve your event experience. These bracelets or festival wristbands often use ‘smart tags’ that store and transmit information from one place, like an RFID reader, at the festival entrance or venue exit gates. With the use of RFID, attendees just need to wave their wristband or badge over the sensor to get in. This makes it easier for attendees, as they won’t have to worry about digging through their bag or purse trying to find their ticket, or if they have an online ticket, they won’t have to worry about their phone having enough charge or signal.

This also reduces the number of human errors being made, as RFID equipment is reliable and efficient to allow guests entry.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

As mentioned previously, the use of RFID wristbands is more convenient to customers as this system saves time and allows them to see their favourite performer quicker. Introducing this system more frequently will massively improve customer satisfaction and the event’s reputation.

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Offers Real-Time Insights

Applying RFID technology, you will receive real-time data about the attendees. Personal information that they’ve shared can provide valuable data about attendees that event organisers and other third parties to learn more about them.

As well as this, you can track the inventory of certain sections in the festival and you can tell which items are in high demand by attendees and need to be re-stocked, giving customers a better experience. Furthermore, real-time data is important in helping you notice early problems, like a stall running out of stock before issues arise.

Reduces Fraud

As mentioned briefly, using RFID tags to purchase items like tickets food and drinks, reduces the risk of fraudsters and ticket touts going around pickpocketing or gaining entry to the event.

As RFID tags are an innovative piece of technology, they have chips which are unique to the individual carrier. This reduces the risk of the tag being duplicated or lost. However, if you do lose your RFID tag, the attendee or the event organisers can deactivate their lost wristband or badge and issue a new one.

RFID Equipment Solution for Events

For event companies, they have a lot of equipment to setup before each event and takedown afterwards. In this process, it is easy to forget items on the way to an event, wasting valuable time, or to leave items behind, leading to lost money.

With RFID, event organizers can quickly scan all of their equipment to make sure that they have everything and locate any missing items going to or leaving from an event.

Reusable Cups and Food Containers

Reducing waste is an important part of the effort to achieve net zero. One way for festivals to greatly reduce waste with events is to use reusable cups and containers with RFID tags. The attendees use the cups and then return them to an RFID kiosk, which will scan the cups and give them a refund on their deposit. This reduces waste and makes the process of returning cups very easy for the attendees.   

Our RFID tools are proven to provide a complete solution to improve the efficiency of managing events. To learn more, click below to learn more about our RFID tools, contact us to book a demo.

The Benefits of Using RFID Technology in Events
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