RFID Solutions in Universities

How RFID Technology is Improving the University Sector

The function of education is to provide a modern society with the best possible workforce. This has been seen throughout history as an essential part of shaping our world, whether it be through transforming educational institutions or implementing new technology which schools can take advantage of.

It is amazing how far technology has come and the many benefits it brings. As technology advances, the use for it in schools and other industries increases as well. Universities and schools are now converting their classrooms to digital spaces, which is a creative way of learning. This blog shows the importance of using an RFID system in the education sector.

Schools, especially college campuses, often find themselves with many assets spread across multiple facilities. This is because high-value technology frequently goes missing or misplaced. With the use of RFID systems in schools, especially universities where the campus is much larger, tracking equipment with RFID tools makes life easier.

How Does RFID Technology Work?

Every RFID system consists of three components, an antenna, transponder, and transceiver. They are a form of wireless communication, which incorporates electrostatic or electromagnetic coupling. They work by identifying an object using radio waves.

The Benefits of RFID Technology

Time is Used Efficiently

In the education sector, as well as the healthcare sector, RFID tools are used to track equipment and manage time efficiently. Rather than spending an hour or two finding a specific item which may have been misplaced, using an RFID tag allows the item to be found quicker and time is managed more efficiently.

RFID systems have been proven to significantly increase the accuracy of inventory management by allowing more regular stock counts and eliminating human error, such as missing barcodes or double scanning.

Can Provide Security

The data stored on an RFID tag is encrypted and can also be locked for extra security. Using an RFID system provides security to students, as well as school staff. Since RFID systems can monitor students and staff, this means no student can leave or enter the premise without being noticed. This information is immediately transferred to the staff at the school, so any risk regarding student safety will be diminished through the use of RFID.

RFID Tags are Durable

The durability of an RFID tag is second to none. They can withstand impacts and environmental factors without breaking down, making them a great modern piece of technology. With the use of RFID technology, the loss of any documents or data is nearly impossible.

Improving the University Sector

RFID technology can help to improve the effectiveness of the university sector, to make sure technology is not misplaced. TEC-RFID can help to make sure that you are equipped with the right equipment, complete with little downtime as well the necessary support needed, every step of the way. 

To find out more about using RFID within education, head over to our main University Sector page or contact us directly; we are always happy to help.

How RFID Technology is Improving the University Sector
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