Introducing the New Zebra TC22/TC27 Mobile Computers

Introducing the latest generation of Zebra’s industry-leading range of mobile computers, at Tec-RFID. The new TC22 and TC27 models, specially designed for business applications. Ideal for retail, hospitality, and Logistical applications, the TC22/TC27 devices deliver enterprise-level features and durability at bargain prices.

Potential applications include:

Take It Anywhere

Slim (12.5mm thick) and light (less than 250g with the standard battery), the TC22/27 is an ideal size to be carried and operated throughout the workday. The 6 inch screen (with a 1080×2160 resolution) provides a perfect balance between readability and portability, comparable to the latest and most popular smartphone models; the Corning® Gorilla® glass screen ensures it’ll resist damage even under tough conditions.

The devices are waterproof and dustproof (IP68 sealing), have been subjected to Zebra’s rigorous drop and tumble testing standards, and will keep operating even under hostile temperature conditions (from -10°C to 50°C). Zebra has produced a wide range of custom accessories to improve durability and usability: rugged protective boots, gun grips, holsters, and hand straps are all available.

The user-removable rechargeable batteries mean, that with a spare in hand, you need never take a device out of service for charging—just swap and you’re on your way. The standard 3800mAh will keep you operating for a full work shift; an upgrade to 5200 mAh is available for even longer operation between charges. USB 3.1 C port charging is standard, but single and multi-slot charging cradle configurations are available to streamline your operations.

TC22 / TC27 Mobile Computer

Ready For Anything

Durability certainly hasn’t required any sacrifice to performance: equipped with a Qualcomm® 5430 hex-core 2.1 GHz CPU and either 6 GB or 8 GB of RAM, the Android operating system, with support for future upgrades, will run even the most demanding applications.

As for storage space, 64 GB or 128 GB options are available; and, with the user-accessible MicroSD slot, you can extend that to as much as 2 TB—never run out of storage space in the field again!

The TC22 is designed for on-site use, with support for high-speed Wi-Fi 6/6E; the TC27 adds a Nano SIM slot with 5G support, allowing your teams to operate from almost anywhere.

All models are equipped with rear (16 MP) and front (5 MP) cameras; and the built-in scanner (choose between the SE4710 1D/2D or the SE55 1D/2D Advanced Range scan engine), protected with Corning® Gorilla® Glass, will capture barcodes with half the time and effort of a standard smartphone camera.

NFC contactless is supported, as are Apple VAS and Google SmartTap, meaning integration with new or existing point-of-sale systems is a breeze.

For inventory and retail applications involving RFID, all models are compatible with Zebra’s new RFD40 and RFD90 UHF RFID sleds, connectable through Zebra’s eConnex™ adaptor or standard Bluetooth. 

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Introducing the Zebra TC22/TC27 Mobile Computer, New for 2023
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