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Our Range of RFID Products

Bring your business into the modern era with our expansive range of RFID products. Designed to increase the accuracy, speed and data availability of your inventory and asset tracking needs, RFID technology offers a simple solution that can be utilised across an array of applications and sectors.

From RFID readers and printers to RFID labels and asset management software, we offer an extensive range of products at TEC-RFID that will elevate the efficiency of your business. Based in the UK, our years of experience offer you a reliable solution that guarantees greater efficiency and a better ROI.

Connect a selection of our products to create a technological ecosystem that gives your business more control and greater accuracy.

We stock a range of handheld readers that are cost-effective solutions in warehouses, distribution centres and customer-facing environments. Our Zebra RFID readers offer an accurate and practical solution for delivering better visibility to your assets.

Gain greater insight into your inventory, whether stationary or on the move, with our range of fixed RFID readers. Our robust hardware gives your production process and infrastructure a positive boost using the high sensitivity of the radio waves. Our fixed readers receive regular firmware updates that will keep them future proof.

Print your own tags and labels for your set-up with the industry-leading Zebra RFID printers. Each printer comes with a USB, serial and ethernet connections built-in and can adapt to your printing needs. At TEC-RFID, we offer 4”, 6” and 8” print sizes with up to a 600-dpi print resolution.

Keep your assets and inventory accurately tracked with our RFID labels and tags. We stock every form of RFID tag, from general RFID labels to speciality tags that are required for certain assets. Designed to suit any budget, we stock a selection of labels and tags from leading RFID suppliers such as Omni-ID, Zebra and Confidex, starting at a low cost of £0.10 per label.

Utilise the correct software to capture your data with our Enterprise Asset Management software system. Whether you’re looking for a bespoke set-up or one that is available exclusively through an Android app, we offer everything you need to begin a fast, easy and affordable start to your RFID journey.

Increase the efficiency of your workforce by mobilising your asset tracking solutions with our handheld touch-computer mobiles. The affordable Zebra TC26 provides you with a more cost-effective alternative to reading your assets with its strong and reliable yet sleek design.

RFID Solutions

What is RFID?

Retail and warehouse management bring unique challenges. RFID is one solution. It is an advanced technology system that can scan hundreds of objects a second using radio waves.

Benefits of RFID

Just how powerful is RFID? It has the potential to turbocharge your business. Implementing RFID saves time, increases accuracy and makes it easy to locate items.

Inventory Management

RFID inventory management gives you highly accurate, real-time information on your stock levels with a fraction of the stocktaking time.

Asset Management

Valuable tools and equipment can easily get lost. With RFID, you can know the exact location and condition of your assets to reduce losses.


Stocktaking is made simple with the TEC-RFID Asset Management app, increasing not only the speed of your stocktake, but the accuracy too.

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