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The Zebra ET45 Rugged Handheld Enterprise Tablet is the perfect solution for many applications, including warehousing, logistics, retail, and even field service thanks to the ET45’s 5G capability. Featuring either an 8-Inch or 10-Inch display and WiFi 6 capability, the ET45 is easy-to-use right out of the box.

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Designed to excel in a business environment, the ET45 provides everything you require right out of the box. Combining sleek and lightweight design with rugged durability, the ET45 is the ultimate enterprise tablet, offering all the features necessary for logistics, warehousing, retail, and even field service thanks to the ET45’s 5G capability.

The ET45 Enterprise Tablet is crafted to deliver reliable performance in any business setting. It is capable of enduring drops on tile or concrete floors, functioning flawlessly both indoors and outdoors, and even withstanding extreme temperatures. For those operating in more demanding environments, the optional rugged boot provides an additional layer of durability, ensuring the tablet remains resilient and functional under the toughest conditions.

The ET45 Enterprise Tablet provides a wide range of options to enhance productivity. Choose between two screen sizes: the compact and portable 8-inch screen or the larger 10-inch display for easier viewing of information-rich apps. Stay connected wherever you go with the fastest Wi-Fi 6 speeds and 5G connectivity. Seamlessly connect cordless headsets, printers, and more using Bluetooth, and enable accurate navigation and tracking with the integrated GPS feature.

Equipped with multi-shift battery power, the ET45 ensures uninterrupted operation throughout extended work periods. Zebra’s PowerPrecision batteries offer intelligent management, optimizing performance and usage. The optional hot-swappable secondary battery enables continuous power, making it ideal for multi-shift operations. Furthermore, battery statistics provide visibility into the health of each battery, allowing you to identify and replace unhealthy batteries that no longer hold a full charge, minimizing the impact of dead batteries on worker productivity.

With complimentary Zebra Mobility DNA tools, the ET45 Enterprise Tablet provides a built-in advantage for your business. Benefit from powerful pre-installed tools that enhance security, device manageability, and overall efficiency. Zebra’s Mobility DNA tools cover every aspect of the device lifecycle, from device staging and application control to seamless barcode integration and diagnostics. Simplify operations and reduce costs with these comprehensive features that eliminate unnecessary complexities.

The ET45 Enterprise Tablet opens up new possibilities for communication within your organization. With the optional Push-to-Talk (PTT) Express feature, instantly transform your tablets into two-way walkie-talkies that seamlessly work within your facility and in the field. Enjoy efficient and secure communication channels that enhance collaboration and streamline workflows.

Featuring an Octa-Core CPU, up to 8GB RAM, and up to 128GB Flash Storage, the ET45 is a high-spec tablet, perfect for multitasking employees. With its powerful performance capabilities, this tablet significantly improves workflow efficiency and ensures your workforce can tackle multiple tasks simultaneously.

Zebra ET45

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