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Asset Management Software 2023

Finding the Right Asset Management Solution for You

In today’s digital world, businesses are faced with an abundance of challenges surrounding the management and tracking of their assets. From a variety of mobile devices to complex cloud technology and ever-changing software licenses, organisations must strive for reliable asset oversight in order to protect company data security amidst frequently shifting employee roles.

This is where asset management software comes in. Asset management is a critical part of any business operation, and an asset management software (AMS) helps businesses maximise their assets for the best return – both financially and otherwise.

An AMS takes tracking to a new level by analysing specific data about each individual asset throughout its lifecycle from acquisition through renewal or disposal. Through this deep dive analysis, companies can make informed decisions on how they manage current stock while reducing the costs simultaneously.

What is Software Asset Management?

Software Asset Management refers to the process of managing and optimising an organisation’s software assets throughout their lifecycle, from procurement to disposal. It involves implementing policies, procedures, and tools to ensure effective software license management, compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, and maximizing the value of software investments.

The Recommended Asset Management Software’s:


In 2023, more businesses want flexibility in tracking key data points. Ivanti’s IT asset management offers several pre-built reports, that can be customised based on personal queries. This makes Ivanti IT Asset Management, one of the best choices for custom reporting.

The Benefits:

Mobile and desktop workspaces – Ivanti has the capability to access both mobile and desktop workspaces, however, it does not provide a cloud-based service. This implies that the installation process is more complex and requires a minimum hardware configuration. Despite this, for companies that are capable of managing an on-site installation, the advantage is a quicker response time for asset detection and report generation. It’s worth noting that the reports can return data rapidly, even when queries are manipulated to obtain additional information.

Several tech support options – When subscribing to Ivanti, you will have access to technical support services, such as phone support, a web portal, and online self-service. If you opt for the premium package, you will have access to a dedicated technical account manager who will aim to respond within 30 minutes or less. Critical issues can be addressed through 24/7 phone support, but this option is only available with enterprise-level support at a premium price.

ManageEngine Asset Explorer

The asset management software is ManageEngine AssetExplorer, which offers a mature toolkit and a plethora of advanced features. These include exceptional reporting capabilities, distinctive relationship maps, and support for both physical and virtual assets.

One of the significant advantages of using ManageEngine AssetExplorer is the 24/7 technical support available to all users, which sets it apart from other asset management software. It also offers support for virtual hosts and virtual machines, which is a rarity. However, it doesn’t support the management of numerous mobile devices, although it provides support for voice-over IP (VoIP) phones.

The Benefits:

Easy Setup – ManageEngine AssetExplorer’s feature-rich toolkit may appear overwhelming for businesses new to asset management. However, starting with the software’s 30-day free trial can help you shorten the learning curve. The setup process may seem daunting due to the numerous tabs and drop-down menus, but ManageEngine AssetExplorer’s Quick Links feature is excellent in keeping you focused on the necessary tasks.

The Windows style userface is common – The Windows-like interface of ManageEngine AssetExplorer is user-friendly and familiar, making it easier to navigate. Although adding devices to the software can be overwhelming due to the various options available, the Windows Agent Configuration feature simplifies the process, particularly when using installed Windows Agents on new devices.


InvGate Assets emerged as the top pick for asset management software suitable for small to medium-sized businesses with limited IT personnel. It satisfies all the essential requirements, including effortless installation, user-friendliness, comprehensive reporting, and remote desktop access, while being reasonably priced.

Reasonable price – The cost of InvGate Assets is determined based on the number of nodes that require agent installation for the application. Nodes, in this context, refer only to devices for which the software agent is installed, and exclude other access points like routers, printers, IP phones, and fax machines.

The Benefits:

Easy to set up – We have selected InvGate Assets as the optimal asset management software for small to medium-sized businesses as it provides comprehensive coverage of both software and hardware assets, along with an easy-to-use interface and effortless installation process.

RFID Asset

When it comes to major operations, there are often hundreds or even thousands of assets involved, and it’s all too easy for valuable equipment to become misplaced or lost. Conducting an inventory of assets is not only time-consuming but can also be prone to inaccuracies. This is where RFID Asset Management proves useful. By monitoring all assets with RFID tags and readers, you can have real-time visibility into the equipment you have available. This not only helps prevent losses but also enables informed business decisions. And the advantages don’t end there.

The Benefits:

Stocktaking Made Simpler – The TEC-RFID Asset Management app simplifies stocktaking, resulting in not only faster stocktaking, but also increased accuracy.

Locate Specific Items – TEC-RFID asset management software includes a ‘Find Assets’ feature that can locate assets of any size or shape with precision, ensuring that you can easily find what you need.

Customised to suit you – With the TEC-RFID app, you have the flexibility to add any number of users and locations to meet your business needs, allowing you to customize it according to your requirements.

Asset Management Software 2023
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