Introducing the Zebra ET40/ET45 Rugged Handheld Enterprise Tablets

Looking to upgrade your business’ mobile computing devices? Need a device that offers durability, reliability, and is easy-to-use? Look no further than the Zebra ET4X family of tablets, featuring the ET40 and ET45 rugged enterprise tablets. With a rugged design and versatility, the ET4X family is perfect for all sorts of applications, including retail, hospitality, transport, and logistics.

Options to suit your needs

The ET40/ET45 is available with either an 8-inch or 10-inch screen to suit your preference. With the 10-inch screen, you can ensure that any customer-facing applications (such as kiosks) are accessible for everyone, including those with visual impairments, whereas the 8-inch screen might be more suitable for workers who don’t want to carry around the larger and heavier 10-inch version of the ET40/ET45. Ultimately, both sizes of the ET4X tablets are suitable for both customer-facing and employee-only applications.

With both tablets being available in either an 8-inch or 10-inch version, they do offer some different features from one another. The ET40 features WiFi 6 connectivity, making it perfect for on-site work, whether it be for inventory management, asset management, or a customer-facing kiosk. The ET45, on the other hand, features both WiFi 6 for ultra-fast internet access, as well as 5G connectivity for high-speed connectivity while conducting field work. The ET45 is perfect for transportation and logistics applications where WiFi coverage can be sparse or for field engineers working in remote locations. Like the ET40, the ET45 still offers WiFi 6 connectivity; it simply offers 5G additionally, so the device has the potential to be used remotely with ease.

The ET4X series also offers connectivity options for other peripherals to be used with the tablet, such as Bluetooth 5.1 (which allows multiple devices to connect to the tablet at once) and USB-C (a standard cable for most Android devices). These can be used to connect with all sorts of third-party peripherals and even support audio headsets/speakers through both the USB-C port and Bluetooth. The device supports BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy), meaning you don’t need to worry about peripherals quickly draining your tablets’ battery, which is especially helpful for kiosk applications.

Rugged and reliable

As with many of Zebra’s devices, the ET40/ET45 has a rugged and reliable design, perfect for applications in the harshest conditions. The ET4X series are tested for drops onto concrete from up to 1.2m (4 feet) or 1.55m (5 feet) with the optional case, so the tablets are resistant to the daily wear and tear of logistics or warehousing operations. The tablet is IP65 rated for water and dust resistance, so whether the tablet must be used in poor weather conditions, a busy workshop, or any other harsh working environment, the ET4X series can withstand it.

With an impressive battery capacity of 7600mAh for the 10-inch model and 6100mAh for the 8-inch model, the ET40/ET45 is perfect for long shifts or kiosk applications. The ET40/ET45 can also be hot-swapped with an optional secondary hot-swap 3400mAh battery for use with the expansion back accessory, which can come in handy when you need a tablet ready on demand.

The ET40/ET45 offers an optional push-to-talk feature, which can be used for easy communication between colleagues while on the job. The system essentially works as a walkie-talkie integrated within the tablet, so it is perfect for quick, easy, and reliable communication.

Future-proof solutions

The ET40/ET45 comes with Android 11 installed as standard, which can be upgraded to Android 14, as best fits your organisation. The tablet comes with pre-installed Mobility DNA tools, which can be used at no additional cost, allowing you to improve your Android version with additional enterprise features to improve security, device management and more. The ET4X series devices can be staged easily with the StageNow application, allowing you to easily enroll devices into your MDM (Mobile Device Management) system.

The ET4X series features tap-to-pay technology, so the tablet can act as a contactless payment terminal – thanks to its NFC technology. With either an ET40 or ET45 and a presentation stand, the tablet can easily be used for a point-of-sale (POS) system, capable of taking contactless payments. This mobile POS system is perfect for either a customer-facing POS system, or for a temporary POS solution – such as for an event or festival.

The ET4X devices have high-resolution cameras, with a 13MP rear camera and a 5MP front camera, this means the device can be used to take high-quality photos and videos, as well as offering a degree of futureproofing as the industry-standard for camera quality improves over time. The ET40/ET45 features the SE4100, SE4710, and SE55 1D/2D scan engines, so the tablet can be used for logistics or warehousing applications where regular scanning is required with ease.

Applications within different industries

ET40/ET45 in the retail sector

The ET4X series is an ideal tablet for the retail sector – for both customer-facing applications and for staff use. The ET4X series features NFC tap-to-pay technology, which can be used for a quick hybrid POS system – perfect for pop-up shops or even as a permanent POS solution. Even without using the POS functionality, the tablet is perfect for creating a customer-facing kiosk that could be used for many applications, such as browsing a full selection of products that might not be held in-store, or click-and-collect options.

The ET40/ET45 is not only good for customer-facing applications but can also be used by staff for several functions. The ET4X series features a 1D/2D scan engine, so can be used for inventory or asset management with ease. The ET4X series devices feature Bluetooth 5.1, so can be paired to a Bluetooth RFID scanner and can also be used for inventory or asset management where RFID technology has been implemented.

ET40/ET45 in the hospitality industry

The ET4X is also ideal for the hospitality industry. Like in the retail sector, this tablet is perfect for a customer-facing POS application, as this would allow customers to browse menus and customise options as they please, without having to give complicated order instructions for a member of staff – who can use that time saved to work on something that requires their attention. Order-to-table apps  used on customers own mobile phones have become increasingly common, however solutions like these would be perfect for fast-food – similar to the kiosks used by McDonalds and Burger King.

ET45 in logistics and transport operations

For logistics and transportation solutions, the ET45 is superior to the ET40, as the ET45 offers 5G connectivity as well as WiFi 6, whereas the ET40 only offers WiFi 6. With the ET45, you can ensure that your staff are always connected. If they are near an access point, they can experience high-speed connection with WiFi 6 connectivity, but if they’re out on the road, or have had to go anywhere that an access point can’t reach, they can remain connected thanks to ultra-fast 5G connectivity. The ET45 has a 1D/2D scanning engine, and can be paired with RFID readers using Bluetooth, so it is capable of easily processing all data that employees might need to capture, making it perfect for logistics and transportation operations.

Interested in the ET40/ET45? We offer both the 8-inch and 10-inch versions of the ET4X series, along with a number of accessories for charging, data transfer and kiosk applications. To find out more about the click below to find out more about the ET40/ET45 or contact us to speak to one of our expert team.

Introducing the Zebra ET40/ET45 Rugged Handheld Enterprise Tablets
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