Zebra RFID Fixed Reader Trade Up

RFID Fixed Reader Trade Up Program

RFID is growing rapidly in retail and the supply chain as more companies are realizing the benefits. In the case of fixed RFID readers, replacing readers is a big investment. If you have fixed RFID readers in place and are looking to upgrade, Zebra is currently offering a fixed reader trade up program.

In recent years, UHF RFID has made vast improvements in performance and accuracy while prices have come down. This can make upgrading fixed readers a smart move in the long run.

Why Fixed RFID Reades from Zebra?

Zebra’s FX9600 and FX7500 fixed readers have faster read rates than previous readers and can power more antennas. This means not only better results, but with fewer readers as the FX9600 has eight antenna ports, double the average for readers in its class. This enables the reader to cover a larger range and lowers the overall cost of the readers. The FX9600 is ideal for tough environments with MIL-STD-810G and IP53 sealing and the FX7500 has a pleasing design for customer-facing environments.

Zebra’s readers are easy to configure and maintain by using Zebra’s 123 RFID software, you can easily upgrade firmware and keep your readers running, reducing support costs. The readers have the ability run embedded applications, eliminating the need for a host PC in many cases, further reducing the cost of upgrading. Zebra has made it easier than ever to integrate their readers with your IT infrastructure through the cloud-based Savanna platform. These new readers will also mean less downtime for your business, saving running costs.

What Readers Can I Trade In?

The program enables you to trade in most popular fixed RFID readers—not just Zebra readers—for a big discount. See the list below of all eligible readers:

  • Legacy FX9500
  • Legacy FX7400
  • Legacy XR480
  • Legacy AR400
  • Impinj Speedway R420
  • Impinj Speedway R220
  • Alien ALR-F800
  • Alien ALR-F800-X
  • Alien ALR-9680
  • ThingMagic IZAR
  • ThingMagic M6
  • Honeywell IF2B
  • Datalogic DLR-PR001
  • CAENRFID ion R4301P
  • Invengo XC-RF807
  • Invengo XC-RF861
  • Invengo XC-RF850
  • Feig ID LRU1002
  • Kathrein RRU 4000 Series
  • Kathrein ARU 3000 Series
  • Kathrein ARU 2400 Series
  • Kathrein ARU 8500 Series
  • Nordic ID AR SERIES
  • Nordic ID SAMPO
  • Nordic ID AR82 Multiport reader
  • Nordic ID AR62 4 port reader
  • Intellifi Smartspot i4 (UHF) ETSI
  • Intellifi Smartspot MULTI-16 PoE (UHF/BLE) ETSI
  • Intellifi Smartspot MULTI-8 PoE (UHF/BLE) ETSI
  • Chainway URA8
  • Chainway UR4
  • SIEMENS RF600 series

Need An RFID Solution?

If you need a brand new RFID solution for asset or inventory management or just need some help upgrading your current system, we are here to help. We offer RFID readers, tags, printers and asset management software—everything you need for RFID in one place. Contact us to discuss your RFID requirements with one of our advisors.

RFID Fixed Reader Trade Up Program
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